Friday, August 03, 2007


Links for 2007-08-03

  • Indian Call Center Lands in Ohio
    I wonder if outsourcing to Ohio is the next big trend?

  • Visa Posts PCI Compliance Figures
    The analysts haven't yet predicted the total cost of compliance for the IT industry. I suspect many folks will avoid doing everything possible to protect consumers and instead focus on doing the bare minimum.

  • White Papers vs Reports: Very Different Beasts
    I wonder what his thoughts are in terms of industry analyst firms such as Gartner as to whether they should simply report the facts or sell a particular point of view? It is my belief that until non-commercial open source software appears next to proprietary closed source offerings that many analyst firms are doing the later.

  • Forcing an LDAP Update in Documentum
    I find it difficult to believe that a network wouldn't be ideal if it is based on Active Directory to where the answer is to force enterprises to duplicate data. I could see this being a problem though if they used any of the other directory service products though. My takeaway is that if folks are using Documentum and need a consultant, they should definetely hire Laurence Hart. If he has the ability to debug suboptimal functionality within the product then you need him on your team. I do suspect that Craig Randall at best may respond but will exercise his right to remain silent in terms of fixing this problem in the long term

  • Documentum D6 has hurdles to overcome...Good to see others in the world of ECM getting familiar with noted industry analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe who has a deeper grasp on ECM and actually researches how it works in the real world. I suspect Alan is busy noodling all the discussions in the blogosphere about how ECM vendors have implemented suboptimal security models. I wonder if he were to come up with his own ECM Security Quadrant would Stellent be in the leaders quadrant and Documentum trailing behind?

  • What is stalling open source in healthcare?
    I wonder if Dana Blankenhorn has enough integrity to ask this question of his peers? Reality says that open source will grow faster if the media talks about it more. If the media is only focused on open source where there is a vendor behind it that is attempting to commercialize it then it won't get discussed.

  • The Manifesto of the Futurist Programmers
    Vague ideas and propaganda will surely help the state of IT

  • How Bad is your Architecture? Measure it the Agile way!
    I see process weenies everywhere! Some of them do not even know that they are process weenies. I wonder if there is an agile way for them to discover themselves?

  • Enterprise Architecture, REST and SOA all sit down at a bar...
    He forgot the part where the EA person has a debate with the business because they heard from some vendor that all decisions should be made based on perception and not reality

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