Sunday, August 26, 2007


Judiasm and Eating Kosher

Imagine walking into a Kosher delicatessan and being greeted by a Mexican named Julio...

If you haven't been to Ben's Delicatessen when in NY, you should. I visited the location in Nassau country in Long Island on the way back from the Long Island Children's Museum which was the absolute best children's musuem my two sons have ever visited. It has lots of stuff to do and tons of value for the price of admission.

Anyway, I eat Kosher when at home in the sense of ensuring that all meat I consume is slaughtered according to God's laws. Other aspects of Kosher I don't practice since I am not Jewish which means I will have a cheeseburger and a milkshake. This restaurant was truly Kosher as you could only get a hamburger and the butter was artificial. They also didn't serve anything with milk in it. Not even Kosher Dairy products. I do find it interesting though that they put tables outside and their is a ice cream shop next door.

I wonder if it is still Kosher if Goyim are waiters. At some level, finding help nowadays is a pain. All the waiters were Mexican. Does the restaurant require them to not consume pork after hours? Those of hispanic origin tend to be the most savage in terms of pork consumption. What would happen if they brought their own food to work?

What is more shameful is the simple fact that there aren't more restaurants like this. How come areas with large Jewish populations can't have Kosher restaurants in their community? Do Jewish folks feel bad that they don't eat Kosher? Maybe they should as it has an effect on others as well...

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