Sunday, August 19, 2007


Even More Links for 2007-08-19

  • How to pick a country to relocate as an information technology professional
    Countries not on my list: India, China, Philippines, Ghana, Haiti, Venezuela

  • Building Security In
    Does Chris Parkerson believe that EMC is embracing this message for their entire product line?

  • Convergence of Access and Information Policies
    Sean Kline of EMC discusses convergence but doesn't talk about the value of XACML nor whether he believes that software vendors should embrace implementation of SAML within their products such as ECM, CRM, BPM and other approaches

  • Logging in multi-threaded applications efficiently with ring buffer
    Logging is a very important activity in the lifetime of critical computer applications, especially when symptoms of failures aren't readily apparent. Logging provides the maximum amount of detail of the application state before the failure, such as value of variables, return value of functions, and so on. A monotonically increasing amount of trace data is produced over a period of time, which is written continuously to a text file on the disk. A significant amount of disk space is required for effective logging, and it increases many fold in a multi-threaded environment where numerous threads write their trace.

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