Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Enterprise Architecture Terrorism

Many enterprise architects encourage hierarchical run it up the flagpole, control the message interactions. Here are some phrases that if you hear from either an enterprise architect and/or process-oriented non-technical IT executive, you should ring the alarm...

  • I presented your ideas to upper management and they're really excited.Executives are generally excitable creatures and it is difficult to tell if it because of your idea or their Blackberry in their pocket on vibrate

  • The last project was a real mess, but we learned from mistakes of the past and have better process that are really going to help us do it rightDon't step in the governance

  • Work smarter, not harder Of course we will ignore the fact that it is the process that causes us to not work smarter

  • There are no problems, only challenges.And your biggest challenge is having to listen to the person telling you this

  • We have an aggressive schedule, but I think we can make it.Let's all run to Wal-Mart to buy metal detectors so we can find unicorns in our sock drawers for good luck

  • We just need to find a few more bodies to get back on schedule.Everyone knows that more people to a late project makes it later and outsourcing to India is living proof

  • I really hope you haven't heard any of these phrases in recent memory...

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