Sunday, August 05, 2007


Do Enterprise Architects ask Stupid Questions?

I am famous for throwing daggers at industry analysts and software vendors. How about if they started throwing daggers towards enterprise architects?

How about sharing some of the more stupid questions you have heard enterprise architects ask in a face-to-face conversation? Of course there is lots of stupidity within the blogosphere and this is already transparent, so don't provide feedback on this aspect and focus only on face-to-face discussions while of course making the person who asked the stupid question remain anonymous.

Likewise, no questions into IT executives at large are required as the trend of putting non-technology oriented folks into technology leadership positions will most certainly guarantee stupid questions. As this trend grows by leaps and bounds, I expect that stupidity from the vendors perspective will grow by factors.

Of course, I know the likes of Eric Newcomer, Bruce Schneier, Todd Biske, John Newton, Ismael Ghalimi, Nick Malik, James Governor, Brenda Michelson, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Stowe Boyd, Bob Blakely, Andre Durand, Gunnar Peterson, Mark Little, JP Morgenthal, Sameer Tyagi, James Robertson, David Heinemeier Hansson, Obie Fernandez, Pat Patterson and others can easily think of situations where enterprise architecture has produced incredible statements of stupidity. Now, if they are only willing to share!

Remember, from incite comes insight...

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