Saturday, July 28, 2007


A Timely Example of Needed ECM Standards

Laurence Hart posted a thoughtful writeup on a A timely example of needed ECM standards that I know Craig Randall will dance around...

Laurence Hart outlines the following situation:One answer that Craig Randall could say is that Documentum is working on ways to not only import metadata from other platforms but to also export to them as he has been savage in thinking about many things said by James McGovern such as the easier it is to get rid of your product, the more we like you.

Craig Randall can also step up to say that he acknowledges this is a big problem in the ECM domain at large and is willing to start a working group as part of AIIM with him in the leadership spot to make this problem go away. Craig could also say that he has proactively picked up the phone and planned a three-way call with himself, John Newton of Alfresco and Billy Cripe of Oracle to talk about this problem space and others from the community at large are more than welcome to listen to the discussion.

Craig states that he is Not running for office but still hasn't proposed a single solution, workaround nor planned enhancement to missing security within ECM products. I guess though that he has stated the obvious with passion that one EMC product works with another. The revelation is mind blowing. I wonder what would happen if Microsoft bloggers mentioned that SQL Server and Exchange runs on Windows platforms?

I would be willing to make a sizable donation to Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund if Craig provided a solution as to how he believes customers who want to integrate Documentum with an entitlements management solution such as BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security, Securent or other XACML based products. Of course, I am optomistic that he won't simply throw daggers at why customers may want to do this and focus purely on the integration aspects.

In fact, I will also make another sizable donation to a worthy charity in South America that fights hunger if he were to revisit his UI blog entry and instead of commenting on how one EMC product could work with another, how he envisions Documentum integrating from a UI perspective with NON-EMC BPM products such as Intalio, JBoss, Fuego or Lombardi. Likewise, if he believes that the appropriate industry standards do not exist, what are the steps EMC and other vendors should take to make them happen...

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