Friday, July 20, 2007


Thoughts on Microsoft SharePoint...

I am from a different school of thought when it comes to Microsoft and refuse to throw daggers at them. They are more innovative than Sun, BEA and Oracle combined...

One blogger commented on Microsoft SharePoint and Will it live up to the hype? that needs to be dissected.

Microsoft understands that Content Management and Workflow are components that not only need to appear unified as part of a user, they also figured out that they should be under one SKU and not distinct products.
Have you ever looked at the documentation for any other product in this domain? You will find that Microsoft's documentation relative to other products is actually quite good. I bet you can find easily and for free documentation for any Microsoft product regardless if you have purchased support from them. Are you willing to say the same thing for Oracle, Documentum, FileNet and others?
While I understand the potential value proposition this could bring to consumer markets, I am glad that Microsoft focuses on those who are willing to pay for software which is the enterprise marketplace.
Are you saying that Microsoft needs a strategy on how to lose money and reduce profits to make consumers happy who will inefficiently waste storage? Maybe I got it twisted and thought that public companies should be in the business to make money?
I really hate when folks encourage fiscal irresponsibility. Understand that most enterprises tend to negotiate enterprise agreements that abstract much of this compliant but if I were to analyze it for a minute, you need to understand what to compare it to. Let's focus on the Microsoft value proposition. If you were a CIO in a large enterprise and Microsoft, Sun, CA and Oracle all walked in the door offering you the ability to use any and all software they offer by simply agreeing to pay $100 per employee, which vendor offers the best value proposition?

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