Saturday, July 21, 2007


Proprietary ECM

Nowadays, ECM has become a strategy for complying with various legal and regulatory considerations yet customers aren't doing the right thing to ensure that their ECM systems don't end up trapping enterprise documents in a proprietary lockbox...

I wonder if Jesse Wilkins has any thoughts on making content more discoverable? A more interesting question that I haven't seen talked about is how do ECM vendors recommend migrating from their competitors products? The funny thing is that I haven't seen any migration guides.

It seems to me that Alfresco and Oracle are stealing a lot of business from Documentum. I would assume that folks are leveraging bulk import utilities or industry standards such as WebDAV to move content from one repository to another, but how do they move the metadata that is associated with it? More importantly, are they forced to reconsile the disparate approaches to ACL models between products? In this situation, the ability to have a markup language such as XACML where it is portable and declarative could ease portability.

Within J2EE, I can take an application developed for WebLogic and have it running on JBoss is less than a day. I can take a database that ran on Oracle and port it to EnterpriseDB just as fast and it would not only be the data, but the metadata around it and the security model to protect the data as well. If I wanted to migrate a portlet from BEA Portal and embrace Liferay then it is pretty straightforward. How come ECM can't be as simple as other domains in terms of portability?

I am keenly interested in learning how folks migrate from one product to another, which tools they use, how much of what they do is manual could be turned into a standard and what others believe is the responsibility of software vendors to provide guidance on migrating from competitor products. Let the discussions begin...

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