Monday, July 30, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-30

  • Enterprise Authorization Strategy
    Curt Devlin of Microsoft moves beyond the current over-focus on identity and provides prescriptive architectural guidance for an enterprise authorization strategy. It makes the case for developing an enterprise authorization gateway. Discussion touches on some of the enterprise-level requirements and challenges that motivate this approach.

  • On Public Speaking
    The best way to get good at speaking in public is to speak in public. This is one skill that many Enterprise Architects lack and should make as a 2008 resolution

  • Managing Security in Large Organizations
    Finally, someone is talking about industry problems which don't get much airtime

  • Standards and ECM
    Craig Randall mentions that customers expect ECM leaders like EMC to support industry standaards and to drive them to but doesn't mention which ECM standards EMC is driving. Is'nt this ironic?

  • BPM/Workflow and Security (Standards)
    Mark Masterson commented that he was researching the XACML standard. I wonder how his homework is going? Maybe he has already checked out Aqualogic Enterprise Security and Securent to understand the value proposition of ensuring a consistent security model across BPM and ECM implementations

  • Enterprise Architects versus Business Architects
    David Linthicum and Andy Mulholland manage to get it twisted and have decided to ignore the phenomena that occurs within large enterprises especially where there are 30 year old legacy applications in production where IT knows more about how the business than the business and therefore can serve dual roles.

  • Why was Human Capital left out of the Federal EA?
    Maybe the problem is that folks in the Federal Government don't understand the real meaning of governance which is about changing a behavior model and not having the OMB do Hitler-like comprehensive documentation that sits on the shelf compliance programs. Maybe Andy Blumenthal needs to encourage Federal Chief Architects to stop being insular in their thinking and observe how folks in large enterprise practice EA as they may learn something

  • While I have suggested to others, that in Glock we trust, my personal weapon of choice is the EAA Witness 9mm loaded with Federal Hydrashok's. Consider giving a donation to the National Rifle Association and support the second amendment...

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