Wednesday, July 18, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-18

  • Building a Better Horse
    The productivity gain collected by doing "no design" is illusory for systems of sufficient complexity or size.

  • Yahoo Job Postings: Back End Engineer
    Interesting title for a job position. When I saw this position, I originally assumed it would be for a major Indian Outsourcing firm drawing cartoons for CIO process weenies. After all, we know that much of the world coming out of India does remind folks of the back end

  • Who is an architect and what do they do?
    Prasad Sombhatta is a big fat bleep. It frustrates me to see that folks think that architects do nothing but identify things and document. He doesn't talk about the notion of modeling, the need to change cultural norms, the need to network with those outside the firm, the creation of standards and so on. I really wish bloggers who talk about EA would stop talking from a process point of view and start talking more about the human aspects

  • This conversation...enabled via standards
    I have never witnessed such an elegant avoidance of a discussion as practiced by Craig Randall. The conversation was about industry standards as implemented in products where Craig only chose to focus on the word standard itself. Maybe he could get back on track and talk about industry and implementation when he talks about standards going forward

  • Implications of OpenID
    A good video that highlights deficiencies with OpenID. I really wish the OpenID community would move past BS discussions regarding backward compatibility and simply address security concerns. Hopefully, OpenID 3.0 will start talking about the need to support Authorization and move past kindergartner discussions of basic identity

  • 19 Eponymous Laws Of Software Development
    One surefire way to sound really really smart is to invoke a law or principle named after some long dead guy (an alive guy is acceptable too, but lacks slightly in smart points)

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