Monday, July 16, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-16

  • Only the Government needs Security Levels, right?
    Bob Larivee discusses the obvious when it comes to security within ECM products

  • Lucene Web Service API
    There are many search vendors in the marketplace such as Google and Autonomy. Should they consider implementing the same API?

  • Does Guy Kawasaki really care about changing the world?
    Does the above image remind you of him?

  • On RSS & WebDAV for ECM
    Many ECM vendors support WebDAV but how many fully support WebDAV including Locking and Unlocking?

  • Quotes and Notes
    I couldn't have said it better myself

  • The Myth of Self Selling Software
    Alex Fletcher of Entiva is a pretty smart industry analyst who covers open source. In this blog posting, he talks about the need for pre-sales within software companies. I would love to know his thoughts on whether pre-sales means that this could happen over the phone vs in-person, whether pre-sales also translates into doing enterprisey POCs for zero money and of course does presales translate into additional costs of having sales executives who are generally overpaid relative to their value take enterprise architects such as myself out to lunch

  • Thoughts on Boutique Consulting Firms
    Are there other firms that should be on the radar of large enterprises?

  • SOA Strategy Planning
    This site is incredibly useful. It was developed by Macehiter Ward-Dutton so you know it is of high quality. This approach would be an interesting way to participate in the notion of open source analysis. Maybe James Governor of Redmonk or Alex Fletcher of Entiva could develop an equivalent site that covers the notion of open source strategy

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