Monday, July 09, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-09

  • The Pressure of Google NDA
    Many folks get it twisted when it comes to understanding why large enterprises have NDAs. They don't really believe that everything is competitive advantage, IP, trade secrets and so on. They do however acknowledge that the vast majority of their employees are not media relations savvy and therefore encourage them to exercise their right to remain silent

  • Scenes from Trinidad
    I have only been to Maracas Bay once but it is certainly beautiful. I tend to go to Manzanilla and periodically Mayaro since it is closer to my home.

  • The Real Meaning of Enterprise Architecture
    I couldn't have said it better myself...

  • Choosing a Target for Standards
    Good to see others in the ECM domain researching standards such as SPML, XACML, CardSpace, SAML and others. Interesting to see that the architecture of many ECM products require behind the scenes trickery to bind at runtime to various LDAP repositories. I would love to understand more about the underlying architecture since other products such as Liferay don't seem to suffer from this problem

  • Standards and ECM
    Craig Randall seems to be an EMC employee who is commenting on support for SOA in an upcoming Documentum version. I wonder if he could comment on his thoughts regarding Documentum embracing enterprise security standards, specifically SAML and XACML?

  • Are India Based Bloggers Compassionate?
    You decide...

  • The Forrester Wave Enterprise Content Management Suites
    Vendors mentioned include: Stellent, FileNet, Interwoven, Humingbird, Vignette, Oracle, Open Text, Mobius, and Microsoft. Forrester suggested that vendors need to improve their ECM suite in one way or other but of course convienently left out which standards they should implement

  • Untold Perspectives on Identity Management
    Not sure what to think

  • ECM Standards
    Jesse Wilkins comments on several practical considerations ECM vendors such as Documentum, Alfresco, Stellent, Open Text, Filenet and OpenCMS should noodle

  • Clinton balanced on outsourcing
    I suspect that Hillary has managed to lose some support by taking a hybrid position on outsourcing. I guess this moves more votes towards Obama.

  • Photos of Smalltalk Users Group
    The guy holding the sign is a product manager

  • Put your talent on display
    There are a lot of companies that say they are focused on their employees, but their hiring practices would tell a different story. How much is your company willing to pay for referral of top talent?

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