Tuesday, July 03, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-03

  • Observing Content Managment
    One blogger comments on Documentum and asks interesting questions such as how do the two security models integrate and how is SSO achieved? Maybe instead of asking, this blogger could instead suggest to EMC Documentum how he thinks this should work. Of course, he will probably be an advocate of Internet standards and therefore would want SSO to be based on SAML while integrating security models should be based on XACML

  • Week of OASiS seminars
    Jeff Bohren of BMC mentions lots of interesting security standards such as SPML, EKMI, BIAs, XACML, SAML and DSS. I hope that other software vendors and industry analysts will come up to speed on these approaches

  • Something new for Manning
    The precipitous drop in the computer book market has caused publishers to react by not publishing books that really need to be in the marketplace. Manning has made a terrible mistake in passing up the opportunity to publish a book written by a Gartner insider. Publishers for way too long have had the me too atitude and haven't realized that they need to publish in areas where there is less competition. My advice for Manning would be to stick with the computer book market but stop targeting books at software developers. Much of the software development nowadays happens outside the United States and your distributor doesn't have reach into countries such as India. Instead focus on topics that American's still care about and will purchase books on. How about figuring out a way to get authors from the Agile community or writing on topics such as enterprise architecture. Books on these topics tend to not get dated so quickly which means your investment is good for a lot longer.

  • Analyst to EMC: If you love VmWare, set it free
    Sometimes bold words call for bold actions to make the words stick. Kudos to Gartner Analyst Tom Bittman for a little bit of activism, something that other analysts also need to practice

  • Bottom-up SOA is harmful and should be discouraged
    I normally love Nick Malik when he posts but this one I have to attack. In order to do top-down, you have to have leaders who have a clue, which most enterprises sadly lack. Unless we solve the leadership crisis within IT, more and more things will occur bottom-up

  • An Introduction to Agile Leadership
    This is one article that should be forwarded to not only your boss, but his boss as well

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