Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Links for 2007-07-31

  • How to blow $3 million in taxpayer funds
    The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) spent $3 million on a document management system from Documentum, and it has been a complete waste of money. The PCAOB tries to blame itself for the waste, but the reality many within the blogosphere that it's a combination of overpriced and overly complex software wrapped in a proprietary license, and an effort to force-feed square-peg technology onto round-peg people. I wonder what it would have costed to inject security into their implementation?

  • 80+ Open Source Content Management Systems
    If there are so many, why are enterprises still wasting good money by spending millions on closed source? There has to be at least one good one! I wonder if noted Alex Fletcher of Entiva has any thoughts?

  • Enterprise Architecture Methodologies
    I wonder why folks spend so much time comparing EA methodologies when most EA organizations don't use any of the one's they mention. In fact, I bet if you were to survey EAs in the financial services world, you would get less than 1% adoption of Zachman

  • DoDAF and RUP — The Department of Redundancy Department?
    Glad to see that others acknowledge that Federal Enterprise Architecture is a big fat joke!

  • Writing the book on PCI compliance
    I wonder the ratio of noted reviewers were from other software vendors and academia vs. the number of folks who actually are employed by large enterprises who have to comply to PCI?

  • Documentum 6 goes flexible
    I wonder if others in the blogosphere believe the world of enterprise content management has gone multi-vendor, and the proprietary-heavy Documentum was starting to look crusty and demanding next to the competition.

  • Clinton woos the outsourcers that workers fear
    Hillary Clinton is partnering with Tata and helping move more IT jobs out of America. Bushitler will be done with his second term shortly. Clinton is incompetent and Edwards is an idiot, so I guess IT folks have no choice but to vote for Obama.

  • Designing Enterprise Software
    Books like these feel like chiche propaganda propagation guides

  • What is wrong with telecommuting
    I wonder if JP Rangaswami allows his employees to telecommute?

  • On Redmonk's Carbon Footprint
    Us folks in large enterprises are the biggest creators of large carbon footprints. What would it take for enterprise architects to encourage consulting firms to tell their folks to work from home and not to have so much face time with us

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