Monday, July 30, 2007


Links for 2007-07-30

  • SOA ECDM: Ask for More
    An enterprise canonical domain model (ECDM) is a model that is focused on the business events and the data+documents+messages needed as part of orchestrating the events into business processes by composing services. I have mixed opinions of the value of such an approach

  • Bending CEP for Rules
    The notion of complex event processing and business rules engines aren't deeply discussed within the blogosphere nor within the walls of most large enterprises. I wonder if folks aren't doing a good job in terms of explaining its value proposition.

  • OpenSAM is Promising
    Ismael Ghalimi is one of the brightest bloggers on the topic of BPM within the blogosphere. I wonder what his thoughts are when it comes to using AJAX with ECM products such as Alfresco, Stellent and Documentum? Unification of the Office 2.0, BPM and ECM ecosystems is in desperate need for standards.

  • Java's Fear of Commitment
    A great read on the architecture of Java for all especially if you program in second-class languages such as Smalltalk

  • Tech Media doesn't get open source
    I wonder if Krishnan Subramanian believes that industry analysts may suffer from the same problem?

  • The Problem with Software
    Dave Dargo has written a thoughtful piece on one problem with proprietary software today: it spends too much time isolating itself as a product, rather than opening up itself and combining to create solutions. This mentality is witnessed in the ECM space more than in any other ecosystem. If you want proof, visit the blogs of Craig Randall and James Robertson

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