Sunday, July 29, 2007


Links for 2007-07-29

  • The Bottom Line - John Powell Interviewed on the BBC
    Get familar with John Newton of Alfresco as he is one of the few examples of leadership with the world of ECM and will be the one that brings sanity to this domain

  • Raj Samani applauds a move to raise security standards among coders
    Good to see that SANS is focusing on the vulnerabilities of software. It would be interesting if they provided public metrics on which open source projects are the best example of secure software. In my travels, none has proven more secure than Liferay Enterprise Portal

  • Enterprise Visibility Architect
    I would like to see the next innovation be security application instrumentation, where you devise your application to report not only performance and fault logging, but also security and compliance logging.

  • Leadership Lesson: Think Differently
    Don’t be afraid of challenging the status-quo. True excellence as a security executive and leader demands you are willing to think differently.

  • BPM: Practitioner's Case Studies
    I wonder if the folks over at AFLAC understand that their wonderfully accepted case study and success still puts them years behind the leaders within their industry vertical?

  • Single Sign-On to
    While I am happy that the folks over at Ping Identity stepped up to fill in the gap, how come no one is pressuring to embrace user-centric approaches such as CardSpace natively?

  • Email PKI and SAML 2.0
    Is this a good approach of utilizing the SAML 2.0 infrastructure to help distribute trust in PGP/S-MIME e-mail PKI.

  • Copy protection isn't just bad for users, it's bad for business
    It seems as if all the ECM folks haven't listened as they savagely promote sub-optimal security models under the label of IRM

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