Thursday, July 26, 2007


Links for 2007-07-26

  • Open BSD Foundation
    BSD is a great operating system and in many ways better than Linux. We need to move past the hype of the minute...

  • Beginning Information Cards
    Noted Microsoft employee Marc Mercuri has published his book on Information Cards and CardSpace. The only deficiency I have noted is that they ignore Java. Maybe Mike Jones could figure out other authors to write the equivalent

  • Project Management 3.0
    Why are we still having conversations about how horrible project management is within large enterprises?

  • Blackbird: Enterprise Service Bus in PHP
    I wonder if James Robertson of Cincom could provide his vision for an ESB implemented in Smalltalk or will he still allow for SmallTalk to remain a second-class language?

  • Workflow Evaluation
    I wonder if these folks have realized that part of evaluation is the ability to learn from others their experiences? I am willing to share if they leave a comment/trackback outlining their work contact information

  • Bill Gates Considered as Evil Primitive Bacterium
    Has Freeman Dyson become an evolution denier?

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