Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Links for 2007-07-25

  • Stoke Newington Police: Thanks and Praise
    Sorry to hear about James Governor of Redmonk and his recent event. I wonder though if this is a situation that could have been avoided if he believed in the phrase: in Glock we trust...

  • LDAP Documentum Debugging Techniques
    I wonder if Sumanth Molakala has ever wondered why Documentum required its own user store and couldn't directly bind at runtime to something that already existed?

  • Would you change the Zachman Framework?
    I wonder if the question really should be: Should EA wholesale abandon the Zachman Framework and instead focus on the human aspects instead of the comprehensive documentation that never gets used if you do use Zachman?

  • Open Source Applications...Magnets for Open Source Infrastructure
    Alfreso has the possibility of displacing other closed source ECM platforms due to better integration

  • Recruiting Models - What's Yours?
    How about using your blog to recruit Security Architects?

  • Johannes Comments on CARML
    The notion of an identity governance framework as championed by Oracle needs the help of the community in order to make it stronger. Here is where I think folks from Sun could add value

  • From Incite comes Insight - Candy or Controversy
    Good to see that there is support for this platform. I wonder if donations to charity such as Not in my name is considered candy?

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