Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Links for 2007-07-24

  • Principles for Enterprise Architects
    What do you stand for?

  • Proprietary ECM
    It seems as if FileNet, Optika, InvesDoc, DocStar and others are guilty of not supporting security standards

  • Beyond Roles: A practical approach to enterprise user provisioning
    I bet bloggers from Sun in the identity management world will exercise their right to remain silent on this topic

  • BPM Think Tank
    I am disappointed that I didn't have the opportunity to present on security concerns in the world of BPM.

  • Defining a Documentum Architect
    Good to learn about certification. Bad to learn that it is focusing on the wrong things

  • Gartner report on ECM
    Ever notice how Gartner avoids depth and prefers high-level statements? I suspect that if you asked the analysts that cover ECM about security, you would be reminded of deer in headlights

  • Identity-Enabled Document Management
    Good to see Oracle demonstrating leadership in this space

  • Calling in the EA Troops
    Mike Walker certainly chose the right graphic for us Enterprise Architects as blowhard jamboree comes to mind.

  • Practical Enterprise Architecture
    The wisdom of do not model the past is something more EAs need to noodle. Too many folks are caught up in the whole current state, future state, gap analysis paradigm where they focus on current state because they have no clue about the future

  • Why I blog
    The agile elephant statest that he blogs for completely business-driven reasons which is actually a good thing. No one truly blogs about technology solely for noble purposes and as long as you are transparent about your intention, the blogosphere welcomes you with open arms

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