Sunday, July 22, 2007


Links for 2007-07-22

  • Weak Passwords
    Sometimes advice in the blogosphere is dangerous. I wonder if those demanding stronger password complexity have ever thought about the correlation between strong passwords and weak security. The harder you make something, the faster someone will write it down and store in an insecure manner. Besides, what if the password is complex yet the web site stores it in plaintext? You wouldn't know...

  • Myth: BAM Works Bottom-Up
    Maybe the better answer is to not name drop clients using your technology and instead provide ideas of how it could be used for those that aren't. For example, none of the names listed in this blog are Fortune Enterprises from the Insurance vertical. Maybe suggest how it could be best used to sell automobile insurance

  • Blog under your real name and ignore the harassment
    It is ashame that Kathy Sierra convicted folks in the court of public opinion and then decided to hide. Maybe she needs to stop being the example of what modern women shouldn't do

  • Secure Information Sharing Architecture
    Pretty cartoons for Federal Enterprise Architects

  • Allowing Business Users to Program your System is a recipe for Disaster
    James Taylor of Fair Isaac probably has thoughts on where enterprises should draw the line in terms of letting business users do programming.

  • Ruby Rules Engines
    If Java, .NET, Ruby and other languages have rules engines, how come Smalltalk doesn't? I wonder if James Robertson of Cincom is a reactive product manager and does only what his customers ask or is proactive and supplies what they need?

  • No fatties allowed
    Nicholas Carr is usually the plaque within the house of IT but has a thoughtful posting on old fat men

  • Outstanding Questions on CardSpace and Security
    I suspect most of the identity community will avoid these questions

  • It's okay if most blogs suck
    It's okay if most blogs suck, because most people are irrelevant to any one individual. I wonder what others think about my blog?

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