Saturday, July 21, 2007


Links For 2007-07-21

  • JXplorer - An Open Source LDAP Browser
    Standards-compliant general-purpose LDAP browser that can be used to read and search any LDAP directory, or any X.500 directory with an LDAP interface. Written in Java and available for free download under a standard OSI-style open source licence.

  • Pharmaceutical Liability vs Software Liability
    One of the problems, as was pointed out before, is that software and computers don't have a fixed use that can be anticipated during the development cycle, and consequently saying that software isn't "fit for purpose" is a really tough judgment call.

  • What is user-centric EA?
    Andrew Blumental performs EA for the United States Coast Guard. I welcome him to the blogosphere and hope he can share his thoughts on how the Federal Government could learn to adopt some of the practices from corporations when it comes to Enterprise Architecture and drop heavyweight processes and frameworks based on Zachman. Maybe he could even help me track down folks I served with in the Coast Guard starting from the days of basic training: USCG TRACEN Lima 121

  • Ping - Partimage Is Not Ghost
    PING is a live Linux ISO that can backup and restore whole partitions. It sounds like Symantec Ghost(tm), but has even better features, and is totally free.

  • Search Engines and a Document Management Protocol that integrates with XACML
    Here is a great blog entry that I would love to know what Craig Randall, John Webber, Laurence Hart, Phil Hunt and Luis Sala think?

  • Outsourcing to Cuba
    As I understand, Cuba has a higher babe factor than India

  • Introduction to Information Cards
    One of my pet peeves in the blogosphere is when bloggers publish information in an introductory manner without including any additional insight. How come bloggers can't move beyond introductory context towards more advanced topics? If I wanted to know about introductory stuff, I would go to the vendor's web site and not search the blogosphere for introductory material especially on information cards and cardspace

  • The Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems
    There is a key phrase: Members join for various reasons and benefits, based on their business objectives which is a code phrase for it is doomed to mediocrity. This means that it will be dominated by software vendors and consulting firms jockeying for position to empty the wallets of our government while minimizing the value they have to deliver. The only hope for the Federal Government is to leverage corporate Enterprise Architects as their review board and remove the profit motive from decision making

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