Saturday, July 21, 2007


Links for 2007-07-21

  • Smart Space, Hot Folder and Workflows
    Good to see that open source ECM products such as Alfreso are actually showing leadership and making the likes of closed source entities such as Documentum play catch up.

  • ECM Standards, SAML and the DFC
    Laurence, the best solution to getting any vendor to implement functionality is to make sure that their competitors know about it. For example, I am of the belief that John Newton of Alfresco and Billy Cripe are observing the dialog. Likewise, I believe that they may make their own respective sales staff smarter in terms of selling against their competition. Any vendor worth their salt would only let this occur for so long before realizing that they should lead and not follow

  • Wikis and RFPs
    A vendor shares his perspective on the management of RFPs but doesn't comment as to their value. I suspect he deep down believes that enterprises that desire them could be better served by not using them at all. I know that I avoid them like the plague as I believe in proving out working software over reading comprehensive documentation. In fact, in an upcoming book, I am writing chapters on how to make RFPs agile. Besides, everyone knows that this process is ceremony. For example, if I were to ask any ECM or BPM vendor how they support XACML, the response would of course be positive and bullshit

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