Thursday, July 19, 2007


Links for 2007-07-19

  • Researching is their job, not yours: On Analyst Relations
    I read James Governor's blog pretty much every day and figured I would chime in on what I am seeing as neither an analyst nor software vendor that is intriguing. I am glad that James Governor tactfully points out what the job of analyst relations is and vendors should pay attention to his statement. Likewise, another perspective is to understand that analysts most important asset is time but I still get no sense of where the line is between information sharing and spoonfeeding. I suspect that many analysts don't actually analyze nor research which is the trouble that us customer types see.

  • Legal Summit for Software Freedom 2007
    I have already forwarded this link to several lawyers at work. I wonder if there is an opportunity to do some open source lawyering?

  • Alfresco - the dog's bollocks
    I wonder if this blogger is aware that leveraging CIFS may jam him/her down the road as it is a legacy way of interacting with Microsoft domains? Maybe I should blog more about this in the future?

  • Oracle moves into Risk-Based Access Management by acquiring Bharosa
    The technology purchase of Bharosa seems interesting. I wonder if it could be leveraged by enterprises who believe that identity management should be eschewed in favor of identity consolidation where one could write a hook into the Active Directory MMC plugin to make calls-outs to this component? Anyway, I wonder if Nishant Kaushik would be willing to provide his insight into when it makes more sense for an enterprise to consolidate identities vs manage them without resorting to the atypical hybrid answer?

  • Title for the Information Architect
    I am disappointed that this blogger enumerated so many enterprisey titles but left off the title of Chief Security Architect

  • Open Source Links: 18-07-2007
    A great set of links by Roberto Galoppini

  • Service Catalogs and ITIL
    It seems as if there are multiple definitions floating around for what a service catalog is? Some folks think it comes from a UDDI registry with some repository functions slapped on the side, others think it is a CMDB thing which aligns nicely to ITIL while others still think it is something that emerges from an EA tool. I suspect that the only thing that will happen is that enterprises will by all three products, duplicate information all of the place and struggle to integrate them all due to the lack of standards

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