Saturday, July 14, 2007


Links for 2007-07-14

  • Information Management vs Content Management
    An interesting but insular definition of two terms

  • Support for OpenID within Liferay
    Ever notice how J2EE Portals by BEA, Oracle, IBM and Sun all lag in features that Liferay has?

  • Hindu Prayer Shouted Down in US Senate
    I wonder if folks think that one nation under God is plural? Likewise as a melting pot, we should show others the right path by being the best example

  • Thoughts on Cardspace and Java
    I would love to see Mark Mercuri of Microsoft also consider CardSpace in languages that Microsoft didn't create

  • IT Service Catalogs
    I find this discussion interesting particularly in context of SOA yet haven't figured out whether one should extend a registry, use an EA tool, make it part of CMDB or do something else? I suspect that the all-wise Todd Biske may know the answer.

  • Updated Roadmap
    James Robertson of Cincom notes the roadmap for Smalltalk. From what I can tell, it is the only language/platform that doesn't support OpenID, CardSpace, SAML, XACML, SPNEGO or other modern innovations. It is probably because their customers aren't asking for them which makes me wonder do users of Smalltalk still think it is 1984?

  • Just in case, you don't get the whole Ubuntu thing...
    I have Microsoft OS just like some corporations still have COBOL...

  • Thought Leader or Thought Muddler
    Dave Kearns comments on an earlier posting of mines and notes how I attack traditional IdM practices without necessarily addressing whether tradition is leading the masses in the right direction or towards mediocrity. Luckily Gunnar Peterson sets him straight and calls out IDM for what it really is...

  • Five Reasons to NOT Invest in Internet/Web-Based Identity Management
    I suspect that Don Bowen will be chiming in shortly on this post and maybe how entitlements management is identity management 2.0

  • Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense
    I started to read the blog of Sameer Tyagi, someone whom I had the privelege of working with in the past, co-authoring books with and even hanging out with in social occasions. I recently learned that he is now in the ECM world and therefore fair game for me to ask him his thoughts on RSS and SAML and XACML within the ECM domain?

  • Why Entitlement Management?
    I wonder if anyone has noticed that the SOA, ESB and Portal vendors have embraced the notion of entitlements management while BPM and ECM vendors are missing in action. I suspect BPM and ECM vendors don't have as much talent on staff as other horizontals

  • Dependencies, Releases and my great team
    Good to see folks using progressive approaches such as Maven, XACML and other technologies not usually found in most commercial software

  • H1B Visas for outsourcing workers. Where do you stand?
    Should offshore firms have the right to "import" their labor into the US in addition to "exporting" US jobs oversees?

  • Senator Backs Possibility of Bush Impeachment
    We need to stop Bushitler...

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