Friday, July 13, 2007


Links for 2007-07-13

  • Most Businesses Not Making Plans to Retain Senior Workers
    The notion of retaining senior employees is out of fashion, hence the reason why outsourcing is gaining ground. Back up the school bus and roll in the kids

  • Hillary Tells IITers: Outsourcing Worries Her
    Maybe there is hope afterall for Hillary Clinton. She is paying attention to an issue that Republicans aren't even talking about in public

  • Gartner Open Source Conference
    If this conference is about open source, could participates develop a replacement for the Quadrant in an open source manner so everyone else will use? If Roberto attends, I wonder if he could also figure out which open source products Gartner uses internally? Bruce Perens definetely would be a better presenter than any Gartner analyst on open source. I would love to see Gartner invite James Governor of Redmonk and Alex Fletcher of Entiva as speakers, sort of a coopetition...

  • There's something annoying about analyst firms that...
    David Rossiter talks about the painful experience analyst firms place on software vendors. He didn't comment on whether the depth of information is required to ensure that the right analyst gets engaged as I understand finding the right individual in a 2000 person firm would be a little different than in a 10 person analyst shop.

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Unleashed
    Have you ever wondered why there are no non-commercial open source products in the Magic Gartner Quadrant?

  • 12 IT skills that employers can't say no to
    They can always say no if you happen to be not located in the right country

  • Catching up with Mitch Hamilton, IT Director, Capital One
    Access Control is sometimes an overloaded word. I would love to understand the discrete definition that Sun employees mean when using it

  • What's wrong with being Pro-Gartner anyway?
    There are several things wrong with being Pro-Gartner. First, you should get insights from more than one organization as diversification is not a bad thing. You should also understand that the smarter analysts in each court tend to work at smaller firms where they are afforded more creative liberty to research things of interest to them. Third, you should always interact with analysts who have transparent relationships with customers. If you look at Gartner, everything is anonymous where I am employed by a Fortune 2000 enterprise headquartered somewhere in New England where other firms will mention my employer by name. Whether you are a vendor or another enterprise, transparency at all levels is beneficial

  • Doctor It Hurts When I do That
    Gunnar Peterson shares why folks such as Tim Bray aren't paying attention to security concerns. Maybe the folks over at Sun that aren't in a security product area need Mary Ann Davidson to teach them how to pay better attention? Many Sun folks are capable of throwing daggers at folks from Microsoft regarding lack of security, but what would happen if the tables where turned?

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