Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Links for 2007-07-11

  • Gartner Wrong Again
    My favorite Smalltalk product manager is calling out the depth of thinking of Gartner analysts. Glad at least one software vendor has the integrity to speak out loud.

  • Cindy Sheehan to Challenge Nancy Pelosi
    This could get really interesting.

  • Challenges of BloggingIt would be interesting to see Bryan Ruby and John Newton provide their opinion on the continuing discussion on ECM Standards above and beyond REST vs SOAP and talk about RSS, full WebDAV support including locking and of course my favorite topic, externalizing Entitlements and XACML

  • Ethical Strength or Stupidity?
    Just because you are undercompensated doesn't mean that you are stupid. It does mean that you have a set of values not traditionally found elsewhere and that contributing to something meaningful like open source makes you more human than others

  • Run a country without governance
    Pankaj Arora discusses governance albeit in a strange way. he thinks of governance more in terms of an organizational entity with structure than being about a behavior model. If he wants to see what lack of governance results in then all he has to do is look at George Bush and Iraq

  • Importance of SOA Governance
    I really wish that folks would stop reading Gartner and their stuff on SOA. The stuff from the Burton Group and ZapThink is so much better

  • The People Side of Enterprise Architecture
    Finally, another blogger not talking about enterprise architecture in terms of process but focusing on how enterprise architecture should feel. I hope that Andrew Kirkland shares more of his thoughts in this regard

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