Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Links for 2007-07-10

  • ECM Standards
    Enterprise Architects are a strange bunch. Sometimes they overanalyze and at other times keep things at such a high level. Mark Masterson believes that if HTML is to the web then RSS is to REST. I wonder if others agree? The funny thing about RSS is that some use it to describe a class of protocols including ATOM while others describe RSS specifically. While each person has their own opinion on this, I believe that forward progress regardless of what side you sit needs to be made by vendors. Likewise the conversation regarding WebDAV can be twisted to solely talk about the few methods many vendors have implemented or it can go as deep as supporting updating, locking, etc. Shall we dive deep or keep it higher?

  • Wasted Oxygen
    The funny thing is that James Robertson and I throw daggers back and forth but at least we agree on the worth of certain analyst firms

  • Sprint Nextel boots unprofitable customers
    This is something that I have always found interesting but isn't discussed much within the blogosphere. In order to be successful at firing customers, you have to have a 360-degree view of the customer in terms of data spread throughout disparate systems, a good business architecture, strong technical leadership and most importantly some courage. I hope this trend spreads like wildfire to other large enterprises

  • Managers vs Engineers on Finding Direction
    Remember where you started from, then judge your success by how far you’ve come.

  • How does Smalltalk compare to Java?
    I wonder if Smalltalk still lacks standards around network access?

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
    Do you think that BPM vendors such as Pega, Intalio and Lombardi Software have processes in place to ensure that their code complies to requirements in section 6.5?

  • Why ECM Standards
    Laurence Hart is brilliant. He remixed the idea of standards by first discussing several real world scenarios and then acknowledging that the world of ECM has no foundation and therefore nothing can be taken for granted (I am always guilty of this). He finishes by commenting on posts by Billy Gripe, Craig Randall and others. I wonder if he has ever had a conversation with Nick Patience of the 451 Group and/or Alan Pelz-Sharpe of CMS Watch?

  • ECM Standards and Schoolyard Bullies
    I would love to ask this blogger to make their next blog entry an answer to the question of if ECM is hard to do, then what can software vendors such as Documentum, Filenet, Stellent, Open Text and Alfresco do to make it easier?

  • Terrorism hits the outsourcing industry
    If one were to read into this blog, you can conclude that American IT non-executives would save American jobs if they supported terrorism as it may over the long haul stop the flow of jobs to India

  • blatant and retarded threads between two egomaniacs
    Why does theserverside.com still exist?

  • ECM Standards - which one? Billy Cripe, since you work for Oracle may I assume that you may be familiar with Oracle's security initiatives and strategies around SAML, XACML and SPML? Will the ECM space by the dead last product within Oracle to implement them? Could you comment on ECM and Security Standards as your next blog entry? Oracle has employees that created the reference implementation of SPML so I don't think finding expertise would be too difficult. If you are struggling with internal resources, I am sure that Jeff Bohren of BMC may be willing to guide Oracle on the straight path...

  • Arrogance in the W3C Thought Process
    I wonder why this blogger didn't accuse the OMG and AIIM of similar behavior?

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