Monday, July 09, 2007


Links for 2007-07-09

  • Business Architecture Kick Start
    I wonder what others think about the SAP Business Maps?

  • Micromanaging at work
    Do you mean to say that trust is an important factor?

  • We Owe it all to Smalltalk
    Smalltalk was a foundational language but doesn't deserve widespread use today...

  • More Thoughts on ECM Standards
    Good to see that folks from EMC, IBM and Oracle are joining the discussion

  • Announcing the Business of Software Wiki
    Having a wiki contain useful, qualition information on the business of software is invaluable.

  • Cultivating Respect
    Respect is something that is earned. It doesn’t just happen because you are in a leadershipmanagement position.

  • Dressed for Productivity
    There is an important distinction between being dressed for success vs being dressed for productivity, something that most IT executives don't get. I guess this is why Enterprise Architects in Connecticut are more productive than our New York City counterparts

  • Africa to become world leaders in IT
    I am sure that if Miss Ethiopia happens to make a sales call, folks will pay attention

  • 21 Truths that had to be said
    I wonder if Point 4 was referring to James Robertson?

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