Sunday, July 08, 2007


Links for 2007-07-08

  • More Thoughts on ECM Standards
    Should Stellent, FileNet, Alfresco and Documentum become more aggressive in implementing industry standards?

  • Only half our users hate us
    Meg Whitman, the CEO of eBay in that she brags that she is out of touch with her customers. I guess there is something to be said of executives at large understanding their own position in the world

  • Agile software development and military procurement
    Could anyone picture our federal government doing anything requiring a lightweight process?

  • Use computers to save trees
    One billion personal computers have been sold across the world, according to hi-tech consultancy Gartner Dataquest report. Going online instead of printing may help save our environment

  • How risk management affects agile approaches
    people act as if they know the risks they face despite not knowing them; they then disparage people who act to discover and potentially mitigate hitherto unknown risks. The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  • Why do we have poverty in the world?
    This question is best answered by others in the blogosphere

  • Untold perspectives on Identity Management
    So what aren't the identity management vendors telling you? Will they allow you to fail or at best achieve mediocrity?

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