Thursday, July 05, 2007


Links for 2007-07-05

  • Is outsourcing making Indian brain dull?
    It would be interesting if folks from India especially Wipro bloggers actually commented...

  • Offshore outsourcing India
    Karthick who is currently consulting for Infosys comments on the positive aspects of outsourcing to India. I suspect he will be forced to exercise his right to remain silent when it comes to posting some of the more negative aspects of outsourcing to India. A balanced perspective may be one reason

  • Advantages of Hiring an Indian programmer
    May I say that there are lots of reasons especially if diversity is a distorted word in your environment. Honestly, I wonder if anyone has compared the average developer from India to the average developer from countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica or Trinidad? I know that the latter are light years ahead and ten times better

  • WS* vs REST / Intelligence vs Wisdom
    Richard Monson-Haefel of Burton Group brings out practical considerations surrounding this debate. Hopefully in future blog entries, he will help us customers connect the dots when it comes to security. Gerry Gebel did an XACML interoperability test but the key to the whole event is that the XACML PEP portion needs to be built into applications that Richard covers. The same thing can be said of user-centric identity. Hopefully, they will work on convergence across analyst camps within Burton to the delight of their customers

  • Want to increase costs and time to market? Outsource!
    There have been great success stories but there have been even more fail cases. So what’s the big deal with outsourcing? How hard can it be? Hire a competent team, explain them your requirements and then just let them do their magic. Whether you are outsourcing to a near-shore company/freelancers, or to an offshore company/freelancers, the results are almost always the same.

  • and CARML
    Oracle has shown great leadership in creation of the CARML specification which I hope that the likes of Pat Patterson, Kim Cameron, Johannes Ernst, Dick Hardt and others could start talking about in terms of their blogs. If they feel it is somehow unusable then sharing their insights is beneficial. Otherwise, can the blogosphere assume that the not invented here will delegate this to sometime in the future status?

  • Liferay Portal 4.3
    Notice that this is the first J2EE Portal to directly support OpenID. The open source community is teaching the likes of BEA, IBM and Oracle a thing or two. I suspect Mike Jones and other folks at Microsoft will be excited to learn that version 4.4 will also support Cardspace where you will be forced to wait another year before it shows up in commercial closed source offerings.

  • Ruby Information Card SupportJoe Poon from Thoughtworks is busy creating useful open source tools from their India development center. I wonder why other India based outsourcing firms such as Wipro, Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys and TCS can't do something similiar? Is it because you wouldn't want folks to see the type of code actually written?

  • Open Source Quality Assurance tools
    Here is a space that hasn't been discussed amongst industry analysts which I hope will be on their radar shortly. Check out Selenium which is for automated testing of web applications in a number of browsers

  • Is Agile Enough?
    Agile (and Scrum in particular) rely heavily on direct interaction between the business users and the developers. In most projects, it is not possible to get direct interaction between the user communities and the developers, due to a variety of factors such as outsourcing where the only solution may be Backsourcing...

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