Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Links for 2007-07-03

  • Will the Real Open Source CRM stand up?
    Michael Tiemann, President of the Open Source Initiative takes a stand that unless a company uses an OSI-approved license they should not call themselves open source. I wonder what it would take for Michael Cote, James Governor and Stephen O'Grady, Alex Fletcher, Raven Zachary or any industry analyst for that matter to do the same?

  • ECM: Choosing a Target for standards
    Enterprise Architects want/need ECM standards now. Enterprise Content Management people don’t think that the ECM world is ready for them. They are both right, so let the fighting begin.

  • How to negotiate your salary and benefits - for women
    It is sad that as a society, we haven't reached the level of equality and that women are still undercompensated. How many more years will we still need to have this conversation?

  • Taking a Stand: Claiming the Word Progressive
    If you are progressive and want to take back our country, then you must stand for something. Could you share with us what you stand for? Do you Stand to Reason?

  • Thoughts on the London Bomb Plot
    The police found this threat more by luck than by homework. I suspect that this happens more than we think

  • New Kid on the authorization block
    I really wish that Shekhar Jha would post more often as he is absolutely brilliant. He mentions a company named JResearch Software who is approaching authorization from the developer angle which I think makes a ton of sense. I hope to see Gerry Gebel and Michael Cote hopefully blog on them in the near future

  • Business Blogs aren't about Conversations
    Most corporate blogs such as those of Sun's CEO aren't really about having a conversation or supporting customers, they are press releases, the same humorless monotone that no CEO has figured out how to escape

  • Bush vs Hitler
    A thoughtful comparison of two leaders

  • Comcast blasted for outsourcing to call center sweatshop
    Since when was it a requirement that an outsourcing firm actually have experience?

  • Mowing me down
    Another victim of outsourcing. Can we help him find a job so that he can support his family?

  • Transparency is the ethical high ground
    We can add ‘discharge shotgun’ to the list of things people who live in glass houses shouldn’t do. How transparent, how ethical is Tim O'Reilly, Michele Malkin or David Sifry?

  • ClearHealth
    ClearHealth is the First Free and Open Source Practice Management System to address the big five features: Medical Billing, Medical Accounts Recievable, Scheduling, Access Control, and EMR. I hope that analyst firms who cover open source could provide a little amplification for this product. Open source focused on industry vertical problems are much more fascinating than horizontal applications such as network monitoring, J2EE portals or ECM applications

  • XACML finally ready for prime time?
    I would love to see the folks at Intalio incorporate...

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