Saturday, July 28, 2007


Identity Management Tools: Implementation is not the Issue

Check out this wonderful blog entry that speaks to Identity Management Tools: Implementation is not the Issue.

I got a $100 set aside to make a donation to World Vision whose mission is to feed hungry children if Pat Patterson and Mark Dixon respond to the above post as well as this one without resorting to a hybrid answer suggesting that an enterprise does both as more insight can be provided if you take the position of the extreme. It would be interesting to gain their insights on strategies around consolidation vs strategies around management especially if they are all about Active Directory.

Even greater would be if they could comment on whether vendors such not just support LDAPv3 but also support ADAM (I am not sure why non-MS employees don't think ADAM is V3 compliant and some facts would be appreciated if you are in this camp).

I will double it to $200 if Nishant Kaushik of Oracle does the same...

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