Tuesday, July 03, 2007


How IT infrastructure is like plumbing...

Have you observed the trend where IT executives no longer show much respect for those who are stewards of enterprise infrastructure? What will it take for IT executives to stop insulting folks by referring to their job as commodity. Can we consider for a minute that while doing tasks such as backups or installing the latest Microsoft patches isn't about aligning IT with the business, that this doesn't make them important.

Have you ever considered how IT infrastructure is like plumbing:

  • People expect the system to just work.

  • The system's complexity is hidden from most users.

  • A well-designed system enables all sorts of solutions to be delivered.

  • Various surges in usage can tax the system.

  • People will use the system in unintended ways.

  • The system's interconnections with other systems make it more powerful.

  • Routine maintenance required.

  • On call professionals will repair the system when needed.

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