Sunday, July 15, 2007


Frustrations with Suits

Many folks become frustrated by the suits. Sadly, tomorrow I will be one for at least two hours. I spent much of my day shopping for one (last minute as I don't own one that still fits) and could find one at the usual department stores. I ended up buying a size 60 suit and altered it down to my size.

One of the more frustrating things about purchasing a suit is that I have large arms and I needed the biggest size I could find as a starting point. I guess I have to slow down my pursuit of bench pressing 400lbs again like I did when I was a school boy.

All of the suits in the store seemed to be made in China or Vietnam and of very low quality. Whenever I went into the store, when greeted, I mentioned to the sales guy that I wanted the absolute cheapest suit he had that would fit. He of course played the party line that you don't want a cheap suit as it may fall apart. I mentioned to him that I probably would wear this suit tomorrow and not touch it for the next several years and the conversation changed.

The other frustration is that the usual size difference between suit jackets and pants seems to be 4 whereas I am 11. I either have to figure out a way to get fatter below or start a blogging campaign to stop selling suits with pants and sell them separately.

Anyway, luckily I took home economics class in high school and still remember how to sew. I hope my co-workers don't laugh at my alterations. As for the pants, there was simply no way for me to alter them down and I ended up being charitable by giving them to an older homeless gentleman. I will wear the jacket with existing pants I own and will look ghetto fabulous...

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