Monday, July 02, 2007


Folks who blog but still don't understand blogging...

What is more boring than the corporate stuff we all have adopted as habit? I love manifestos in all forms. The call to action, the call to be different, the call to not follow best practices status quo. The call to not speak in humorless monotone your message is important to us, perception is reality gibberish.

Have you ever asked yourself, what if I broke all the rules? You know, the unwritten rules everyone learns by telepathy at birth: be pleasant, be brief, don't speak down to your reader, don't use big words, don't use obscenity, don't make yourself the center of attention. First and foremost, do that all-important market research. Find out what your audience wants to hear about, Ask their permission and other BS.

When will bloggers remove their mental handcuffs and start thinking for themselves? If you break all the rules, would you become a better blogger? Does reading grammatically incorrect sentences absolutely get under your skin? Get over it, get a clue...

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