Sunday, July 29, 2007


Enterprise SOA: Not everything should be a service!

Hype is the plaque on the house of software. Luckily folks such as Dion Hinchcliffe encourages others to consider syndication over "service-izing."

The browser is an important consumption point but so too are the growing syndication ecosystems of which the blogosphere is the largest example. More and more tools are willing to consume RSS and ATOM, often in preference to SOAP, including the forthcoming version of Vista where syndication-friendliness is a core value. Carefully consider offering your services in RSS form or even ATOM, which has a two-way REST model. Likewise, the ability to build on standards without regard to figuring out traps like common models will help you be successful faster.

Syndication will further increase consumption scenarios and therefore adoption. Content syndication is growing into a very potent force inside and outside the enterprise and plugging an SOA -- strategically or tactically -- into one of these ecosystems has terrific upside potential. Not every SOA service can or should be converted to a syndication model, but if you aren't considering this option with each service you create, you should be; there are tens of millions of RSS feeds available today, starting from zero in the beginning of 2003. How many SOAP services presently exist worldwide? Only a tiny, tiny fraction of this and there are good reasons for it.

I wonder if ECM vendors agree and believe this should be out-of-the-box functionality?

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