Sunday, July 08, 2007


Enterprise Architects who behave like Dilbert

Have you ever noticed a trait amongst Enterprise Architects (and some Smalltalk product managers) where they exhibit Dilbert like traits in order keep others around them happy. You can spot them by asking them whether they believe perception is reality...

Some of the characteristics of enterprise architects who exhibit Dilbert-like personalities are:
  • Pretend they understand technology, but don't. They can say all the right things, repeatedly until the big moment where they ask a question such as "what is a design pattern"?

  • The primary mode of communication and brainstorming is by using Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Believe industry analysts because they are great writers and ignore any reasoning when asked how analysts are compensated

  • Believe sales people at large software vendors who dress nice because they use words like "synergy", "partnership" and "relationship". Likewise, these same folks are distrustful of open source because they dont' here the same cliche phrases

  • Loves buzzwords but have no clue as to what most of them mean. Will of course share the latest buzzwords with others

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