Saturday, July 21, 2007


Don't buy my book...

As a co-author of the bestselling book: Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures I came to the conclusion that folks shouldn't buy my book...

Generally speaking, programming books are a waste of time. Although my book isn't about programming some of the rationale still applies. What if folks spent more time doing instead of reading? Likewise, what if folks understood that there is more to read than programming books? What would happen if we all read classic literature or some of the holy books on Christianity, Judaism or Islam?

This is not to say that one cannot learn alot about SOA from reading my book as it is jam packed with knowledge. The funny thing about my book is that international sales have now crossed the number of sales in the Americas. I suspect that many developers have taken the atitude that they are not going to read because either they know it already or if the firm wants them to do something new they should get sent on a course, why should they read on their own time? Maybe those folks who think this way shouldn't bother reading Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures and instead should read books on polishing up their resumes...

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