Monday, July 09, 2007


Addressing the Knowledge Crisis in America...

The inmates are running the asylum. When we focus on perception more than reality, we have the opportunity to outsource our competitive advantage to distant lands such as India where folks are amused at our stupidity...

When will we stand up and ask ourselves difficult questions. Ones that stimulate the flow of patriotism vs the questions that are all about selfish greed. When we will figure out that in order to be successful that it doesn't just require sending your child to private school but also making public schools better?

Below are some tips that if you are serious about solving the knowledge crisis, then you need to spend some serious CPU cycles asking yourself:

  • Talk (and sing) to your infant. Say what you are doing as you do it. Let them wallow in your words and expression. Notice that they learn turn taking in dialog long before they learn to talk. A skill rarely found in corporate environments

  • Let your kids be like you. What are you like? Think about that often. Be generous with yourself. You may improve yourself too.

  • Be more entertaining than the television. Stop watching Channel Zero

  • Volunteer at school. Help other kids, not necessarily your own. Your kid learns that you take school seriously, and so do the teachers.

  • Keep a globe in your family room and a periodic table on your fridge. Consult them when countries or elements are mentioned in conversation. Does your kid know where Trinidad is?

  • Ask for tours, especially of ordinary people doing ordinary jobs. There is nothing more ordinary than life in corporate America? How about taking your kids on a tour to Wal-mart but not to shop but instead to see how their employees live?

  • Brains are becoming a cheap commodity in the global economy. I thus try to make sure my kids have the needed social skills to kiss up, schmooze, and BS their way to the top or at least teach them the fine art of being human as this is the most valuable skill for thefuture.

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