Monday, June 18, 2007


Thoughts on Trackbacks, Blogging Etiquette and Comments

One of my practices is to respond more quickly to trackbacks than to comments left in my blog. Part of my rationale is that I know that a trackback originates from another blogger who is interesting in engaging in a dialog whereas a comment can come from one-off visitors whom if I respond may not return again.

I have been known to be an activist and have encouraged others to consider charitable acts. I also try to put my money where my mouth is and frequently will contribute to worthy charities if others within the blogosphere take specific action. Trackbacks are in many ways auditable as one can follow the link back to a real blog and can check the history of the blogger whereas comments could potentially come from the same individual using different personas.

Many book authors such as Kathy Sierra, Dave Taylor and others use their blogs to promote their books which is an action that I prefer to avoid as I feel this is unethical. I wonder if anyone has ever noticed that neither of these two individuals have any form of blogroll on their blog?

I was thinking about changing my position as I tend to donate all of my royalties to worthy charities and therefore may start promoting my book: Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures only using an approach not used before.

I wonder what folks would think if I were to give away $250 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities if fifty distinct bloggers trackback to this entry in the next two weeks. I will even double this amount if it happens before Friday.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Dave Taylor and Kathy Sierra followed suite. I suspect it would be easier to get George Bush to admit he is Hitler...

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