Sunday, June 17, 2007


Perception is Reality = bullshit

Figured I would share thoughts on the savage practice of extreme misunderstanding...

Blogging like work in many ways suffers from the disconnect of the person sharing information to those who are receiving it. The odds are increased if the recipient of information immediately casts thoughts into their experiences instead of stretching their brain to understand. Many times perception gets out of hand where the responsibility for correction lands in the hands of the presenter when it really should reside elsewhere.

The basic premise is that people in different fields talk different languages. They may be using the same words, but their meaning, implied context and implications are different. A recent example of this came from my significant other. She used to program in the days of Powerbuilder but has taken lots of time off for other activites. She called me the other day saying he has problems with understanding the book I gave her: "Is it possible that I don't understand the word 'argument' correctly?"

Is the author of this book guilty because they didn't freakin guess how hundreds of folks will get things twisted? Is it the responsibility of my significant other to figure out the frame of mind that the author was in when writing?

If perception management is taken to the extreme, folks may conclude that perception management will result in folks making less effort to share valuable information and no one benefits from moderation. Maybe thoughs on the receiving end may need to take responsibility for their own perceptions...

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