Monday, June 11, 2007


More Links for 2007-06-11

  • Credentials vs Identity
    Good introduction to some of the differences between password based authentication model and the token based one

  • Indian Offshoring Firm... Offshoring to Mexico
    I suspect we are not too far off when Indian outsourcing firms will realize that the strategy of shoving lots of folks at a problem space will no longer work and that real genuine talent is required causing them to move their own work back to the US. This reminds me of why putting nine women in a room won't create a baby in one month.

  • Indian firms react to proposed visa caps
    Folks in India believe that the caps should be large enough to allow market forces to operate freely yet if an American company wanted to establish operations in India, the law would mandate that they find an Indian business partner. Talking out of both sides of their mouth seems to be status quo.

  • Labor Trends in Indian Firms
    Vinnie Merchandani notes that some firms in India believe that they should strive to have at least a third of their employees be non-Indian. Good to see that they are embracing the true meaning of diversity. Would be intriguing though to understand which Indian outsourcing firms are more diverse that their peers

  • Gartner says Indian CIOs must consider offshore outsourcing
    Indian organizations are running out of talent and must consider getting talent from other countries. May I suggest Pakistan, Trinidad or the Philippines?

  • Dilbert: Outsource the Government
    It’s common knowledge that all major government decisions in the United States are made via a process that Thomas Jefferson described in the constitution as “lobbyists bribing weasels.” Voters attempt to solve this problem by electing the weasels who do the best job lying about their intentions to change the system. So far, this hasn’t worked.That’s why we need to outsource the important decisions to India. I’m sure a consulting firm in India could help the United States come up with a coherent energy policy, a plan for universal health care, a cure for global warming, and an anti-terrorism plan while bringing CMM to the government who created it

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