Saturday, June 30, 2007


Links for 2007-06-30

  • Liferay, Alfresco, SugarCRM and more
    His is a link to a job that sadly isn't for my own employer. Feels like an almost perfect position

  • Alfresco and Microsoft Goodness
    Microsoft is helping Alfresco expand its market with SharePoint. When Microsoft helps out open source companies, everyone benefits well except Nishant over at Oracle with his Stellent product

  • Open Source is not only about innovation, but also acceleration
    I wonder what Kevin thinks about in terms of accelerating ECM vendors to adopt industry standards such as XACML and SPML? Maybe even consider binding at runtime to Active Directory vs requiring a local store which equates to duplication and additional syncronization

  • Long Term Success vs Short Term Success
    Taran Rampersad discusses how success should be measured and it is worth a read. I wonder if there is an opportunity for both of us to work together to encourage other Trinis to blog? Maybe a co-written guest article in the Guardian or Express?

  • Catalyst Interopathon reveals sea change
    Great to see that vendors realize the importance of interoperability and that Microsoft is at the center of enablement. I wonder if the next step for the identity community is in helping incorporate their learnings into enterprise applications such as, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Documentum, Intalio and Alfresco?

  • Desperately seeking identity services
    Bill Dettelback of BEA comments on interoperability and in stealth hypes of BEA offerings. I wonder if he believes that much of what he discusses requires reference implementations. Maybe he could comment on how BEA could show leadership in the XACML space by not just constructing an open source implementation of XACML PEP but also working with open source vendors such as MuleSource, Intalio, Hyperic, LogLogic and others to incorporate. Surely, he doesn't believe it will happen based on solely reading of specifications especially if security isn't your primary focus?

  • Catalyst
    The folks at the Burton Group should be especially proud of themselves for putting on a wonderful conference. The rumor mill tells me that there were several Gartner attendees in stealth mode attempting to figure out why Burton Group events are so successful. I hope the Gartner analysts who were in attendance will reveal themselves, otherwise I will probably share their names in the future

  • The Agile Method and Other Fairy Tales
    Are your IT executives capable of recognizing well-spoken but otherwise bad practices?

  • David Cleland
    How many folks have heard of him?

  • sOA, ESB, etc
    I wonder if Mark Masterson of CSC could comment on whether he believes that BPM and Workflow should integrate with other systems not only in terms of message passing but also security context and whether this should be based on standards?

  • James Taylor on his new book
    James Taylor of Fair Isaac fame is working on a new book. Since he didn't ask me to review nor provide an endorsement, I figured I would comment. One of the things that is frustrating about the business rules community and prior books by folks such as Ron Ross and Barbara Von Halle is that they aren't actually about business rules and are more about general project management than anything else. The marketplace has been screaming for a book on business rules architecture which no one seems to desire to write or maybe don't have sufficient knowledge to?

  • Lack of ECM standards
    I really hate this quote: Frankly, James, WSDL for ECM seems to me like exactly the wrong thing to do. If ECM isn't dealing with resources, then by God, what is? Therefore, it seems obvious to me that, whatever we do in the ECM space, it damn well ought to be RESTful. I wonder why folks aren't aware that WSDL 2.0 can also describe REST services?

  • The key to happiness - outsourcing
    Rumor has it that both TCS and Wipro have plans to outsource their internal helpdesk to Cognizant in order to gain efficiencies and allow them to focus on higher value services. Sounds like a great move

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