Friday, June 29, 2007


Links for 2007-06-29

  • Some IT outsourcers will cease to exist
    My humble prediction is that Cognizant will take significant marketshare from Wipro, Accenture and TCS over the next several years. They were the first ones to truly embrace diversity for competitive advantage and to not hire folks from a single national origin

  • Leaders or Managers - is there a difference?
    It is a good sign when folks can ask questions like this of their organization

  • CYA - or the art of doing bugger all through paperwork
    Cover your arse (or ass for those in North America, although covers donkeys I don't know) or CYA is one of the most crippling inhibitors to change in any organisation. Often dressed up in the weasel words of "considering all the possibilities" it is all about making any job seem so much bigger than it actually is.

  • Unsatisfactory Outsourcing
    One of the reasons why some outsourcing deals go down the drain is because of the number of unsatisfied customers that these outsourcing deals handle.

  • U.S. Navy Awards Raytheon $16 Million for the Open-Architecture Ship Self Defense System
    I predict that in order for this to be successful, Raytheon and the Navy Enterprise Architects have to abandon the Zachman framework and government ceremonial processes. Hopefully the enterprise architects at the OMB are smart enough to stay out of the way

  • CSC to slash hundreds of jobs
    Normally, you only here of Americans opinion against outsourcing. I wonder what makes folks in the UK less vocal?

  • Ruby on Rails as a platform of choice?
    Does anyone know if Ruby on Rails is more secure? After all, putting up insecure approaches to the Internet would be dumb unless one could factually prove otherwise

  • Does the Agile Project Leader exist?
    When was the last time you found one in any Fortune enterprise whose primary business model wasn't technology? I rest my case

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