Thursday, June 28, 2007


Links for 2007-06-28

  • NetMesh to participate in User-Centric Identity Workshop
    Johannes Ernst mentions the OSIS project which is one of the more brilliant efforts undertook by the community. I wonder why he didn't attempt to do this activity under OASIS or Project Liberty though. Anyway, I think one important thing would be to outline by industry vertical, what are the necessary claims that are required as part of user-centric approaches. Maybe this is an opportunity to expand the realm of claims to include various forms of licenses and other impediments that currently delegate user-centric approaches to consumerish pursuit while ignoring real electronic business

  • So how do we get to vendor/customer power equality?
    Doc Searls is one of the brightest minds in the blogosphere and questions privacy policies of others. The one thing that I believe that Doc hasn't commented on is who else benefits from the lack of equality between vendors and customers? I am of the belief that industry analysts also prefer the status quo.

  • SOA, REST, ESB, good, evil, etc
    Tools and architectural styles are never evil. It is the folks who substitute process for competence that are. While on this topic, I really wish that Tim O'Reilly would use his popularity to talk about meaningful subjects that face IT professionals at large like outsourcing. If he can coin terms such as Web 2.0, why can't he brainstorm what CMMi 2.0 would look like? Imagine all those folks in India who savagely pursue CMM and the heavyweight processes it brings all of a sudden being forced to be agile.

  • What if what your'e modeling really is anemic?
    Mike Witters comments on software development in Java. I wonder if he programmed in Smalltalk in a prior life?

  • The Next Big Language
    Some folks believe that Erlang could be the next language further taking away marketshare from Smalltalk. My prediction is that D will be the next hit. I am curious why no one in the blogosphere has asked whether Smalltalk from vendors such as Cincom should become open source?

  • John Edwards supports open source for voting systems
    I really hope that every blogger believes the same

  • Price is what you pay, value is what you get
    An organization that can reliably deliver quality software is extremely valuable. If they can do so faster than their competitor, they are even more valuable. Then why is it software consultants are paid by the hour?

  • National Idiot Day
    If you were thinking about George Bushitler then ring the bell

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