Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Links for 2007-06-27

  • Outsourcing: How to skirt the law
    Good to see that other bloggers are amplifying this story. Sadly, I haven't heard any software vendor or industry analyst comment

  • The unimportant SOA catalog
    Nick Malik shares his wisdom as to why the notion of an SOA catalog is doing a really good job of solving the wrong problem. I would love for Brenda Michelson of Elemental Links and other analysts to comment

  • Lack of ECM StandardsGood to see that others appreciate why ECM standards are important to enterprise architecture teams. Likewise, he acknowledges that there are four different standards in the same space which I believe is good at some level. Standards should continue to evolve where they continue to solve new problems and the ECM vendors are asleep at the wheel. I really need to motivate John Newton of Alfresco to seize the leadership opportunity in this space

  • Microsoft launches new open source projects
    I wonder why Kim Cameron allowed this announcement to go out without any working software to download? It shouldn't have been too difficult to find a competent Java or Ruby developer on the Microsoft campus to write more code. I suspect though that they can't admit to writing in superior languages when at home. This reminds me to leak information on invoking the Cardspace Easter Egg

  • It's only a flesh wound
    Ever hear of any blogger in the security/identity space get excited about attending a Gartner conference? It seems as if Burton Group Catalyst in terms of desire to attend wins hands down.

  • The ECM-SOA divide
    Tony Byrne of CMSWatch comments on the brewing backlash against SOA in the content management world. Mostly due to the fact that ECM vendors haven't done a great job of implementing SOA. I suspect now that this is on the radar of multiple analyst firms, this too shall become history very quickly. If not, the vendor who doesn't implement SOA may!

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