Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Links for 2007-06-26

  • Federated ID: Still not ready for prime time
    Burton Group analysts this week will outline obstacles that keep federation technology from going mainstream, despit its potential to solve big business security problems. They may even comment on whether support for identity federation should be a standalone product or something built into the operating system. It would be interesting if they also talked about the need for federated identity products to support the SAML/XACML interoperability

  • Damn, NOBODY wants this crappy immigration bill...
    It seems as if no one in government is for the people any more and serve masters elsewhere. Being either a Republican or Democrat nowadays is a mental disorder

  • Analyst blogging - is it worth it?
    I am glad that folks are calling out Gartner and their predicted decline of blogging. They seem to be the absolute last analyst firm to realize that blogging is hear to stay and that their analysts need to participate in a larger conversation in which they cannot control or moderate

  • New Enterprise Architecture Portal
    Microsoft beats Sun and Oracle to the punch and seem to better understand the needs of Enterprise Architects

  • Why IT Executives split staffs to create supply
    I wonder why folks haven't figured out that process weenies can rationalize pretty much anything?

  • Access Control and XACML
    XACML is an initiative to develop a standard for access control and authorization systems. Many ECM vendors haven't yet figured out that ACL-based mechanisms simply don't work in an integrated context and something else is required.

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