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Links for 2007-06-25

The last person that used smalltalk in a production environment

  • Is Smalltalk set for a renaissance
    I was reading several older blog entries from James Governor when I ran across one on Smalltalk. While I will not comment on the language itself, I do think more commentary on the people using it is in order. Smalltalk is dead not because its paradigms are outmoded, but because other languages have offered similar things and have improved generally upon it. The mindshare has moved on. No sane programmer uses it for new applications or systems development. Smalltalk is a has-been language.

  • The Innovation Dilemma
    Do you work for a company or organization that aims to be a leader in innovation and yet can claim only modest results? That must mean you are employed by an enterprise who lacks strong technical leadership and have substituted process for competence

  • OpenID vs CardSpace Smackdown
    Yet another example if idiotic behavior in the blogosphere suggesting that OpenID is better because it doesn't require usage of expensive SSL certificates. Have folks ever stopped to think that if identity were to succeed in other than consumerish applications that SSL is mandatory for transmission of sensitive information?

  • Standards and ECM
    Craig Randall comments on Laurence Hart and a recent presentation on the lack of standards in the ECM domain. I wonder if anyone has noticed that the ECM domain is vastly under-represented in the blogosphere? You would think that at ECM folks would understand blogging as a form of content?

  • State of Smalltalk
    I love the quote: Cincom has done their best to make VS available, including maintennance releases, e.g. for WinXP; i.e. the VW team puts effort into keeping VS alive, even if in a coma. I, however couldn't figure out if they were referring to Smalltalk being a language that simply needs to disappear and that folks who hold a romantic spot in their hearts for it need to be slapped silly or was it more of a comment about the Cincom product management?

  • A highly optimized Smalltalk environment

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