Friday, June 22, 2007


Links for 2007-06-22

  • Doomsday for Tech Graduates?
    Adyasha Sinha comments on the hiring practices of Cognizant and how they are slowing the pace of hiring in India with a preference towards Latin America. As a shareholder in Cognizant I am happy that they realize that they need to diversify along a variety of lines including but not limited to: race, religion, ethnic origin, language, culture and so on.

  • The simple things seldom are
    Nishant Kaushik of Oracle comments on the world of identity management. Good to see that XACML is on Oracle's radar as provisioning identity alone is insufficient. One should also have the notion of provisioning entitlements as well. I wonder if Nishant would be willing to comment in an upcoming blog entry as to how his product will support the creation of Information Cards for Cardspace?

  • ECM and BPM - Are they intersecting
    Sujatha Visweswara comments on the need for these two domains to blend but doesn't talk about the industry standards necessary in order to make this happen. Hopefully, he can get others to start thinking about working together across product lines to create usable, interoperable standards

  • Is Enterprise Architecture Declarative or Imperative?
    I think that others will have strong opinions on this and therefore will sit back and critique emerging responses

  • Enterprise 0.0, Linked Data and the Semantic Data Web
    I wonder if Kingsley Idehen has ever briefed James Governor of Redmonk on Virtuoso? It may be another tool to help build complaince oriented architectures

  • Service Level Automation
    I blogger asked if James were to ask his CIO what his number one expense line item was, it wouldn't be research and development. is 100% true. I would also say it is not the notion of a green data center.The biggest cost of IT nowadays is always people

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