Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Links for 2007-06-20

  • Microsoft Funds disputed Open Source Study
    Cote of Redmonk within this article from a pragmatic perspective and stated that important question for both developers and users of open source to ask is what goals they want to accomplish without necessarily acknowledging that software in closed source scenarios aren't always chosen for reasons based on sensible requirements. I wonder if Cote is a believer that sometimes enterprises choose alternatives to keep closed source vendors honest and that sometimes the best way to make this happen is by focusing on the most noble of competitors in the open source community.

  • eRoom vs Sharepoint
    A decent analysis of how these two products can work together as well as how they compete. Is there an opportunity for Alfresco to also work with Sharepoint?

  • Successful incompetency in corporate bureaucracies
    Are we (Americans) really as productive as we think we are? I am not so sure. Would folks at some level acknowledge that outsourcing has been detrimental to productivity? If you can get second class IT folks from India cheap, then productivity can be allowed to decline?

  • Does Microsoft get Enterprise Architecture?
    I am of the belief that Microsoft understands enterprise architecture better than any other software vendor on the planet! When was the last time anyone observed either Oracle or Sun doing anything to cater to this demographic?

  • Is Satan having a snowball fight?
    The United Nations has extended its mandate for US-led forces in Iraq after the country's foreign minister said they were "vitally necessary" for security and regional stability.

  • When all you have is a hammer...
    It is knowledge and experience that count. The rest is irrelevant.

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